Scott MK4, eRide Trainer2, Race Rocker, eRide Support2

The new Spring 2012 Scott running shoes are in stock, including the newest MK4, named “best Renovation” by the Running Network, shown above.

The Scott MK4 has morphed into something completely different from the round one version. The upper is open mesh over the toes and closed mesh on the saddle and rearfoot. The Ergologic Fit has been better integrated in this version to better secure the foot. The midsole foam is completely new and resilient. Scott has taken a new approach by combining a solid underfoot with a series of deep grooves that resist compression. In the new design the midfoot is supported solely by the carbon fiber shank. The outersole is more simplistic with thin carbon rubber throughout, grooves at the heel and toe and is textured for traction. Innovation, fit and performance tied the MK4 for top honors as the best renovation.

We carry the MK4, the eRide Trainer2, the eRide Support2, and the Race Rocker. The Race Rocker is a 6mm drop, cushioned racer.

Scott Race Rocker

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